AMS have two proven ground panel options to accommodate different aircraft and ground conditions:

Synthetic panels
Each synthetic panel comprises separate extruded plastic sections, linked together to form a lightweight, strong roadway.

  • Load capacity of 350 tonnes per m2
  • 1000 tonne gross train weight
  • Foam inserts increase load spreading
  • Does not require fixing to the ground
  • Does not produce a “bow wave” effect
  • Suitable for small wheeled ground service vehicles
  • Reversible for two surface options

Our synthetic panels are resilient, lightweight (at just 12 kg per square metre) and provided in white for use at night or in low light conditions. They are a highly cost effective solution for lower capacity loads.

Aluminium panels
Each aluminium panel consists of separate precision extruded sections interconnected to each other, providing an extremely strong and flexible pivot.

The semi-rigid construction allows movement of loads to the same extent as a normal road surface (unlike roll-matting which often deforms on soft ground under heavy loads).

  • Higher load capability
  • Panels are linked together to increase ground coverage
  • 2m x 1m panels can be positioned manually
  • Curved sections are available
  • Reversible for two surface options

Our aluminium panels can also be used for other applications and airport operations, including temporary car parks and aircraft stands (at trade shows or public exhibitions).

Both synthetic and aluminium panels are available in two standard sizes, easy to clean and maintenance free. To assist rapid deployment no specialist tools or machinery are required.