Critical data now needs to be documented and is a requirement in aircraft manufacturer’s recovery procedures (detailed in the relevant recovery manual).

AMS offers a range of Load Indicating Devices that are deemed suitable for all aircraft recovery operations, with the following features:

  • 2.5 tonne to 200 tonne capacities
  • Choice of dual units available
  • Peak & Trough hold function
  • Direct Read or Wireless options available
  • Sealed to IP65 Standards

Direct Read devices present the load reading on an LCD display panel mounted on the load indicator. This is a less expensive option and also recommended when tethering the aircraft.

Our Wireless signal operated Load Indicating Device is more practical for potentially hazardous operations. This comes complete with a hand held unit that incorporates a LCD display and has the following advantages:

  • Radio License Free
  • Up to 100m range (as standard)
  • Up to 300m range (with optional aerial)

With a range of up to 100 meters recovery personal are kept at a safe distance from the aircraft during hauling operations. A range of up to 300 meters can be achieved with the use of an optional external aerial for recovery operations that require larger exclusion zones or where access is more challenging.

A new Load Shackle was added to our range in April 2013 which is lighter and easier to use than standard devices, measures load in the same way, but employs less components in the system (i.e. two standard shackles are dispensed when using the new Load Shackle).