Airport expansion is a growth industry, but more air traffic presents a proportionately higher risk of aircraft incidents and the closure of runways or taxiways while the aircraft is recovered. This can have a major impact on airfield operations, passenger welfare, airport facilities and lost revenue.

Conventional aircraft recovery systems have usually proved to be too expensive for regional airports and have not always provided the best solution available. As part of our ongoing work with airport authorities AMS developed an Aircraft Incident Rapid Response System (AIRRS) that can be tailored to suit most airport operations and financial budgets.

Advantages of AIRRS are:

  • Simple effective operation
  • Suitable for most aircraft types (narrow & wide body)
  • Financially affordable
  • Full personnel training available

The basic system can be purchased as a competitively priced product and upgraded as the needs and budget of the airport change. This level of flexibility also allows airports to:

  • Upgrade options for larger aircraft
  • Add lifting equipment (compatible with AMS Movement Systems)

All upgrades are compatible with existing AMS equipment.

Our AIRRS range provides the flexibility for airports of all sizes to purchase and operate their own aircraft recovery system. They also have access to industry-renowned training for staff, in order to deal with aircraft incidents quickly and safely.