AMS’s new Over Wing Lift (OWL©) Tooling Systems represent an extremely cost-effective solution for dealing with main landing gear failure recoveries. Ideal for airports with access to appropriate cranes, our OWL Systems should be considered vital equipment for disabled aircraft recovery teams.

In the past, airbags have been presented as a conventional solution in manufacturers’ Aircraft Recovery Manuals. But the size, height and wing design of many modern civilian aircraft means that lifting capabilities are reduced with airbags. In our opinion, airbags are not a viable recovery option for some modern aircraft, due to load and skin pressure limitations (notably the A350 / A380 and B777).

Over Wing Lift Tooling Systems

Aircraft Recovery Manuals / Documents now validate Over Wing Lift Tooling Systems. AMS OWL Tooling Systems can be used for single main landing gear failures. They can also be used in combination with the AMS Fuselage Lifting System (FLS) for full main landing gear failures. Both represent viable alternative solutions to airbags.

The simplicity and cost of AMS’s OWL Tooling Systems make them an attractive investment for airports. They provide an effective, safe, and considerably faster solution for lifting and recovering aircraft. The tooling is placed at approved lifting locations on the wing – usually using the main landing gear trunnions – to facilitate lifting (overcoming the issue of restricted access for airbag lifts).

Additional specification and benefits

  • Beam Sections have a safety factor of 5:1 / Roundslings have a safety factor of 7:1
  • All Lifting Components have test certificates and Systems are CE marked
  • Rapid deployment and air transportable
  • All components easily manageable

Aircraft currently covered by AMS OWL Tooling Systems



A350 – The A350 AMS OWL Tooling System was developed specifically for British Airways to meet the requirements of the A350 Aircraft Recovery Document (ARD). British Airways purchased the first A350 OWL Tooling System designed and manufactured by AMS.

A380 – AMS offers two over wing lifting solutions for this aircraft:

  1. The AMS A380 Sling Set is our most cost-effective option. We recommend each sling attachment has a loadcell within the system to record the loads, as the lifting load distribution on the A380 wing is critical. Our set consists of slings and associated components as detailed in the ARM / ARD.
  2. AMS also offer the FIL2200 Lifting System, which is the ONLY lifting solution formally referenced in the A380 ARD.



B777 – The B777 OWL System for this aircraft consists of an off-set delta / spreader plate, associated shackles, and slings (as detailed in the B777 ARM/ARD).

B747 & B787 – The B747 and B787 OWL System can be used with both aircraft. The set consists of slings and associated components (as detailed in the ARM / ARD).

Development work is currently underway to produce options for other aircraft.

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