The CACM is the first airbag inflation system to enable a single individual to control the lift of an aircraft.

Conventional methods required multiple operators, each controlling the inflation of a stack of airbags. AMS’s CACM removes the risk of miscommunication across a team of operators, making the operation easier to synchronise and safer for the team recovering the aircraft.

The primary benefit for customers is they will own a highly portable system which allows:

  • One operator to employ five positions of lift
  • Instant control of all airbag lifting operations
  • A central view of pressure in each contact airbag

Our experience in aircraft recovery training helped us design the CACM with a range of features that support rapid deployment and flexibility of use, including:

  • An integral fire-proofed standard compressor unit
  • Stowage compartments for AMS equipment
  • Highway legal for rapid deployment
  • An all pneumatic system to reduce fire risk
  • A modular system for upgrading to 7 points of lift (B747, A340)
  • Airbag and Temporary Roadway storage areas

Our Centralised Air Control Module has proved itself during ongoing use by airport authorities, airline companies and military air force teams, and remains a groundbreaking design for synchronising aircraft lifting.