Our simple but effective models offer a cost effective way to control the inflation and lifting process. All SCC units require individual operators to control the inflation and pressurisation of each airbag, with the airbag pressure in every element monitored via a pressure gauge on the outlets of the console.

We currently offer 3 types of SCC specification

  • 15, 17 or 20 outlet consoles
  • Stainless steel cased gauges
  • Class 1 Gauge for contact element
  • Folding legs to assist storage
  • Combined Pressure Regulator and Moisture Filtration Unit fitted

The complete unit is pressure tested to 100 psi and AMS large bore couplings and hoses allow increased airflow without the dangers associated with high pressure supply (high pressure can be detrimental to the airbag and inflation procedure).

This form of increased airflow is not possible with small bore plastic hose and couplings but AMS Single Control Consoles can be manufactured for compatibility with any system already in use.