• In 1988 the company was founded by staff with over 50 years combined experience in the design of aircraft recovery equipment. Led by Alan Knight, AMS Systems Engineering Ltd quickly established a reputation for producing equipment that was synonymous with high performance, reliability and durability.
  • In 1990 AMS became the 1st aircraft recovery equipment manufacturer to move a disabled aircraft using a Sledge System. This demonstrated a new method for recovering aircraft from particularly hostile, rough and challenging terrain; setting a new benchmark for the aviation industry.
  • In 1994 AMS emerged as a market-leading producer of aircraft recovery airbags, when they became the 1st manufacturer to submit their airbags for independent testing to MIL STD 810. AMS remain the only aircraft recovery equipment company to have attained this industry standard (passing tests that included performance and lifetime durability). As a result AMS became the only approved supplier to the USAF.
  • In 1998 AMS were the 1st aircraft recovery equipment manufacturer to develop and design an adjustable wedge-shaped airbag for contour matching, when recovering aircraft with a more challenging configuration. The “Airwedge” received a UK Design Council Millennium Product award under their “Creative and Innovative Products For The New Millennium” scheme.
  • In 2003 AMS joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a member of the Strategic Partnership programme. As part of our commitment to this global trade association we became part of the Air Recovery Task Force (ARTF) which supports the development of practical and safe aircraft recovery procedures. AMS were the 1st vendor to support the vital work that the ARTF undertake and have played a significant role in its ongoing research and development work.
    As a member of the IATA Aircraft Recovery Task Force (ARTF), AMS contributed towards the production of the ICAO Airport Services Manual (Doc 9137) Part 5 Removal of Disabled Aircraft on Aircraft Recovery.
  • In 2005 AMS became the 1st aircraft recovery equipment manufacturer to lift Concorde using airbags; demonstrating the versatility of our aircraft lifting airbags to handle both narrow and wide-bodied aircraft.
  • In 2006 we became the 1st vendor of A380 recovery equipment to an IATP Pool Kit Holder. We have gone on to supply six of the major IATP Pool Kit holders with the CAT3 Fuselage Lifting System and A380 De-Bogging kits; underlining the quality of the aircraft recovery equipment AMS produce.
    The same year saw AMS conduct the 1st CAT3 lift of a B747, using the AMS Fuselage Lifting System (FLS). This was the first modular fuselage lifting system developed to handle this category and provided a groundbreaking solution for dealing with wide-bodied aircraft of this size.
  • In 2012 we upgraded our Fuselage Lifting System to become the 1st manufacturer to offer an item of aircraft recovery equipment specifically for use with Boeing’s new B787 aircraft. The new Fuselage Lifting System was designed in accordance with the Boeing’s Aircraft Recovery Document; underlining our commitment to the development and improvement of aircraft recovery equipment.
    In the same year we began to develop a new UK training facility and more expansive range of training courses. This opened in 2013 to become the 1st dedicated training centre to use full-sized aircraft as part of the practical element of the course. The combination of theory and “hands on” practical recovery exercises offers a unique experience for aircraft recovery teams, fire crews, aircraft engineers and aircraft insurance assessors.
  • In 2013 we continued our commitment to innovative design for aircraft recovery equipment by producing the 1st turntable specifically manufactured to cater for the new A380. This development combined AMS data and information from British Airway’s aircraft recovery team to produce a bench-mark design that protects fuselages from secondary damage, for use across a range of wide-bodied aircraft. The 50 Tonne Turntable remains one of our most impressive achievements during the last 25 years.
    In the same year AMS became the 1st aircraft recovery equipment company to perform a “Fit & Function” test of the Fuselage Lifting System and Turntable System on a Boeing B747. This provided an ideal platform to demonstrate how these two key pieces of equipment could be combined for the rapid, safe and highly effective recovery of a larger wide-bodied aircraft.