Department of International Trade meeting proves fruitful

Our business relationship with the UK’s Department of International Trade team has quickly added to our knowledge base and resulted in new routes to market.

DIT roadshow

UK Department of International Trade’s Roadshow

Towards the tail end of 2017 we began the annual review of our marketing activities to see what we could improve and build upon for the New Year. One of the areas we identified to research was the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT). We wanted to establish how they operated, the various levels of support they provided, what industry experience they had in aviation, and how they could add to AMS’s presence and marketing capacity abroad.

After visiting various DIT events, where we discussed the specifics of what AMS did and who we helped, we began to build a new business relationship with them via a dedicated International Trade Adviser. In our case, the situation proved ideal, as our contact has expansive knowledge of the aviation industry and a global network of connections.

The first progress meeting with our DIT International Trade Adviser was held in April 2018. It has proved to be fruitful already, by providing introductions and funding for trade trips to regions where we’re keen to expand our presence.

There’s ongoing support too, to help us refine our marketing activities, add to our capabilities, and pursue new opportunities in regions where the DIT has a proven track record for helping UK companies to trade successfully.

Building on solid foundations
We’re very pleased with the DIT outcomes to date and level of support received. The new business relationship is proving to be a useful component for our ambitious plans for 2018 and beyond; allowing us to build on the solid foundations and reputation AMS has established over the last 30 years.

We continue to be committed to IATA with our joint role as a Strategic Partner and member of the Aircraft Recovery Task Force (ARTF). Next month, AMS will once again be attending the annual IATA ARTF Conference in Montreal, where we will be providing one of the keynote presentations.

Our long-serving relationship with British Airways continues to produce useful data and feedback, to further develop aircraft recovery equipment to cater for the changing needs of airlines and airports.

And our relationships with several military air forces is helping with the design and development of aircraft recovery equipment to tackle their (often unique) aircraft recovery challenges.

Our aim is to continue to develop, design, manufacture and distribute aircraft recovery equipment alongside our training courses, working with our strategic partners, customers, and (now) with the additional support afforded by the UK’s Department of International Trade.

Find out more about aircraft recovery and AMS
Because we’ve worked in the industry for over 30 years, we can forget (occasionally) that people joining airlines, airports and military air forces are not always aware of how aircraft incidents may fully affect them and how they can deal with them.

Our website provides a comprehensive guide to our equipment and the situations where it can be deployed. To further help, we have useful overview pages available in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French.

A visual overview is available via the 10 videos available on our dedicated You Tube Channel.

We can also help with advice on what to consider for risk assessments covering aircraft recovery incidents or off-runway excursions if your airport is expanding (or plans to expand). Our advice can take into account any equipment you may already have, as well as discussing what’s appropriate for your circumstances if your airport does not currently own aircraft recovery equipment.

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