Not the first time icy conditions have caused incidents

With snow and freezing conditions affecting airports across the UK we thought it was worth showing that icy conditions don’t stop aircraft recoveries (wherever they may be in the world).

AMS airbags being deployed

Photo: British Airways – AMS airbags being deployed

This time last year a BA Airbus A319 UPM successfully landed at Billund Airport in Denmark, but subsequently suffered a “technical issue” on the approach to the airport terminal building. The aircraft slid off the taxiway and became stuck on a snowy patch of grass with the landing nose gear firmly embedded in the ground.

No passengers or crew were injured during the incident, which one passenger described as “No harm done to anyone. Very sedate”, but the aircraft was still left stranded in an awkward position on frozen ground.

AMS airbags being inflated

Photo: British Airways – AMS airbags being inflated

The recovery was conducted in freezing conditions by a British Airways aircraft recovery team using AMS equipment to lift the nose and release the landing gear from the icy, muddy ground, before towing it back to the taxiway.

Contact bag in situ, nose gear lifting

Photo: British Airways – Contact bag in situ, nose gear lifting

AMS 30 tonne airbags, 50 tonne De-bogging Kit and PE Roadway were used during the recovery, which took just under 6 hours from start to finish (despite the very challenging weather and ground conditions).

Nose gear locked, airbags deflated & removed, roadway in place, de-bogging in progress

Photo: British Airways – Nose gear locked, airbags deflated & removed, roadway in place, de-bogging in progress

BA mentioned this incident during a recent telephone call and have been kind enough to supply photographs showing the recovery. You can also read more about the incident in these two online press websites:

Evening Standard

Sky News

See our De-Bogging Kit in action
You can view a De-Bogging Kit recovery on our dedicated You Tube Channel using this link:

You can also see footage of our Sledge Movement System in operation; an ideal solution for recovery scenarios where aircraft have travelled considerably further off runways or taxiways across uneven, soft or rough terrain.

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