AMS expand their horizons across 2016

Our 27th year in business has seen an expansion of our customer base, an increase in aircraft recovery equipment sales, and the introduction of a new format for delivering aircraft recovery training.

AMS aircraft recovery

Since our foundation in 1989 AMS has worked with airlines, airport authorities and military air forces around the world to ensure aircraft can be recovered safely, with the minimum of delay.

During those 27 years our close working relationship with customers has enabled us to develop new, sometimes ground-breaking, equipment (including our 50 Tonne Turntable, which was produced specifically for wide-bodied aircraft and remains the only turntable capable of handling the A380).

As a result we are regarded as the provider of choice by many organisations and seen as one of the leading innovators in the design, development and manufacture of aircraft recovery equipment.

From strength to strength
We continue to work with major aviation industry decision-makers and aircraft designers, to develop aircraft recovery equipment and training programmes to cater for the growing needs of the industry.

2016 has proved our credentials yet again as our horizons continue to expand:

  • 13 aircraft recovery system contracts completed this year; comprising full airbag systems, de-bogging kits, transporter systems, as well as a range of CAT1, CAT2 and CAT3 fuselage lifting systems
  • A record number of Transporter Systems purchased
  • New customers emerging in the Far East and Northern Eurasia
  • Upgrading and new equipment purchased by existing customers in the USA, Europe and Africa
  • An increase in “live” training events (compared to 2015)
  • The introduction of our first SKYPE Training Session (for St Helena island in the South Atlantic) 

If you haven’t dealt with AMS before or have any questions regarding our design, development and manufacture capabilities please call us on +44 (0)20 3289 9320, or contact us using the form on our website.