AMS launch new 50 tonne turntable to support British Airways A380 fleet


We are delighted to launch our new 50 tonne turntable

AMS celebrate 25 years in aircraft recovery this year and as part of this landmark we are delighted to launch our new 50 tonne turntable.

Our close relationship with British Airways provided the catalyst for creating the first turntable specifically designed to deal with nose gear failures for larger, wide-bodied aircraft such as the A380.

The curved profile and buffer interface allows aircraft to sit within the bed of the turntable. This reduces the point load applied to the fuselage and helps recovery teams centralise the load (while increasing stability and control when towing).

Rotation is via a high load bearing, covering 50% of the contact area to ensure loads are fully supported. Rubber buffers provide additional security for absorbing high loads, compensating for uneven and damaged areas, and reducing point contact to minimise secondary damage.

Multiple swivel eye locations are provided for attaching fuselage securing slings, while fitting points on the lower section support the attachment of swivel eyes to secure the turntable to transportation vehicles.

Developed by combining data from operational 15 tonne AMS turntable units worldwide and discussions with BA’s recovery engineers, our new unit has the following benefits:

  • Air Freight capable (on Aircraft Pallet LD9)
  • Curved profile / contoured deck
  • Rubber buffer interface
  • Low operating height
  • Height adjustable
  • Multiple swivel eye locations and fitting points

The turntable can be positioned on any suitable multi-wheeled transporter capable of carrying the load. The disabled aircraft can then be moved as if the undercarriage was still in place.

Optional additional accessories include:

  • Height adjustment spacers (so the turntable sits at an optimum operating height for each type of aircraft)
  • Modular interface plates (allowing exact pitching of securing straps over the fuselage frame to prevent crushing of panels when tightened, covering pitch angles of 20” to 25”)

Turntable systems have been proven many times in recovery situations. Our new turntable is set to become an essential piece of equipment for the growing number of airlines adding the A380 to their air fleet.

For more details please download our AMS 50 Tonne Turntable Information Sheet, call us on +44 (0)1420 23777, or contact us using the form on our website.